Launched as a research project concerned with essay films, Excitation of Narratives (EoN) presents the results of its findings and its production practice. Essay films began as a form of heretical discourse rooted in the eponymous literary form, but since the 2000s they have been frequently cited in studies of film history and film practices in contemporary art. Amid this flourishing climate, EoN cultivates the potential for a new discourse in non-Western regions, particularly Asia, which have a tendency to be marginalized.

Excitation of Naratives (EoN) is an essay film research project launched in 2021 by writers Isaka Shu, Takeuchi Hitoshi, and Hyun Woomin.

The video will be produced using a game engine to simultaneously track socialized events. It attempts to connect each of these spaces through a storytelling method that uses speculation and hypotheses based on risk communication.


He is interested in human perception and media aesthetics theory, and he creates video works and interactive installations. In the unique conditions of media technologies, he presents a variety of works that critically redefines human sensory experience and existence.

HYUN Woomin
He produces video works on the theme of migration, the memory of migration and the state of people who have left their birthplace. Major works include "NO PLACE LIKE HOMELAND" (2011), "OHAMANA" (2015), "Journey to the Unfinished Journey" (2017), and "Escape Island Chronicles" (2019-).